STERISAFE® Sterilization Containers

Protective sterilization and storage systems for sensitive medical instruments

STERISAFE® containers are specifically designed for the safe transport, sterilization and storage of sensitive medical devices. Particularly suitable for rigid and flexible endoscopes, STERISAFE® containers are proven to reduce downtimes and service costs associated with these fragile devices.

Sterisafe DURO A3 - Set 03 Sterisafe DURO E42 Sterisafe DURO A3 - Set 02



Used in combination with TOOLSAFE® mats and silicon holders, STERISAFE® containers offer the highest level of protection for your instruments before, during and after the sterilization process.


Get the assurance that the content of your container is ready for use. The clear lid allows you to verify that the chemical indicator colour has changed. No more unpleasant surprises in the OR!


Available in a large variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate and protect all types of instruments. Suitable for steam (2,000 cycles), EO (1000 cycles) and low-temperature plasma sterilization* (500 cycles).


Made of highly resistant plastic materials, STERISAFE® containers are virtually maintenance free and compatible with washer-disinfectors.


Proven to reduce service costs and very economical compared to traditional wrapping methods.

Sterisafe DURO A3 – SET 02


  • Sterisafe® DURO A3 - SET 02
  • Includes top and bottom Toolsafe® grids
  • Item #: 2900303-02
  • Ext. dimensions: 450 x 292 x 87mm
  • Int. dimensions : 420 x 265 x 75mm
  • For one flexible endoscope


Sterisafe DURO A3 – SET 03


  • Sterisafe® DURO A3 - SET 03
  • Includes metal instrument rack E42, grid and holders
  • Item #: 2900303-03
  • Ext. dimensions: 450 x 292 x 87mm
  • Int. dimensions : 420 x 265 x 75mm
  • For rigid instruments w/ optical fibers and accessories


Sterisafe E42 - SET 02


  • Sterisafe® E42 - SET 02
  • Item # : 2904203-02
  • Ext. dimensions: 440 x 107 x 70mm
  • Int. dimensions : 420 x 85 x 60mm
  • For two rigid endoscopes




Many other options are available.
Contact your sales representative and find out the best solution for the transport, sterilization and storage of your instruments.

*STERISAFE containers are validated for use in HumanMeditek low-temperature plasma sterilizers, STERRAD NX, 100NX and 100S (for R.Wolf instruments). Please verify compatibility with SciCan prior to utilization.

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