ENDO-TECHNIK Scope Porter Mini

Soiled endoscopes are a potential source of contamination in healthcare facilities.
During their transportation to the reprocessing area, these devices have to be contained in a way that prevents exposure of staff and patients to infectious microorganisms.

The Scope Porter Mini reduces the risk of contamination and scope damage by minimizing the handling of endoscopes during transport. The large trays can be covered with a one-piece, disposable protective cover which consists of a green part and red part, so that you can easily identify the condition of the scope (clean or contaminated).

Constructed of quality steel and aluminum, the Scope Porter Mini are equipped with large and sturdy casters that make the unit easy to move, even when fully loaded. Designed to last, these carts enable an easier and safer transportation of your endoscopes.

Key Features

  • Can transport up to seven endoscopes at a time
  • Large work surface on the top of the cart to handle and load the scopes easily
  • The large basins are firmly hold and can accommodate all kind of flexible endoscopes
  • Disposable protective covers to prevent an inadvertent mix-up of clean and contaminated instruments


670 mm x 1140 mm x 570 mm (W x H x H)

Disposable Covers

Four steps to know the condition of your scopes at all times.



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