Customer & Technical Service

Contact our Customer Service department at 1.800.870.7777 or send us a message.

At SciCan, customer satisfaction is our top priority. SciCan's commitment to the customer is simple: we have your best interest in mind. Every person who contacts our Customer and technical service department can expect the highest level of customer care and knowledge.

SciCan's team of service technicians offers Canadian hospitals expert installation, maintenance and repair services. Dispatched from our Toronto head office, the service team is fully trained on SciCan' s manufactured and distributed products, including INNOVA AERs, HMDT plasma sterilizers, BRAVO and STATIM autoclaves. Additionally, a variety of service contracts are available, enabling hospitals to effectively manage their maintenance costs.


Ines Helen Catherine
Ines Schwachenwalde
Customer Service Manager


Helen Hutchinson
Customer Service Representative


Catherine Ubiera
Customer Service Representative


Alexandra Gorski Grace Jordan Tony Vieira
Vickie Lambie
Customer Service Representative


Vivien Chen
Customer Service Representative


Cecilia Ng
Tech Service Dispatcher, Medical


Alexandra Gorski Grace Jordan Tony Vieira
Alexandra Gorski
Customer Service Representative /
Technical Service Dispatcher, Dental


Grace Jordan
Customer Service Representative


Tony Vieira
Customer Service Representative


Kim Porter-Burke
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