The single-door INNOVA E2 is a washer-disinfector designed for use in clinics, surgery centers and small hospitals. It has an insert that accepts one immersible, flexible endoscope at at time, and completes a cycle in 37 minutes.

Economical and extremely reliable, the Innova E2 has proved to be a great partner for endoscope reprocessing over time.

Standard features include

  • Single-use chemistry
  • Integrated leak tester
  • Easy to load, with no complex endoscope connectors
  • Fast cycle time – washing and disinfection in about 37 minutes
  • External printer – to satisfy documentation requirements
  • Superior drying system

Technical services

  • Installation by factory trained technicians
  • Preventative maintenance and repair
  • Customized service contracts
  • In-Service training provided by a clinical specialist

If you require a service contract, we can tailor one to meet your explicit needs.
An extensive inventory of parts is also at your disposal.

Compartment for small items
External barcode scanner for endoscope identification



Dimensions Free standing unit W/H/D
Under counter unit W/H/D
Wash chamber W/H/D
600x850x705 mm
600x840x705 mm
390x525x480 mm
Material Panels and washing chamber: stainless steel AISI 304
Weight approx. 115 kg
Electric connection
Connected load
208V, 1ph, 60Hz
16 amp
Water supply Cold water
DI water
Drain connection
¾“ 2-5 bar pressure
¾“ 2-5 bar pressure
Pump capacity Fresh water system, eff. 140l/min
Dryer Turbine power 132 m³ / h
DI water boiler Thermal disinfection, content 12 l, 2,7 kW with heat recovery
Leakage test Automatic leakage test device for endoscopes
Dosing system Standard: 2 Dosing pumps with flow meter and and level control device
Microprocessor Controller 2 Programs for endoscopes, 1 Program for accessories, 11 additional programs, RS-232 Interface for communication with PC, connection of
barcode reader and batch printer
LCD Display with indication of program parameters and error codes
Bottom image