INNOVA CMS (Channel Monitoring System)

The INNOVA CMS is an individual channel check option available for the INNOVA E3, E4 and E5. The system checks all channels of
an endoscope for any restrictions. Obstructions or any other causes which narrow a channel will be detected and the operator will
be warned in time.

The INNOVA CMS offers the highest quality and validatable process security, thus improving:

  • Operator and patient safety
  • Handling for the reprocessing staff
  • Cost savings for the institution
  • The quality and life time of the endoscope in comparison to conventional methods of reprocessing


  • Fully automatic internal cleaning of each individual channel
  • Checking of flow through each individual channel with a precision of up to 10%
  • Integrated leak test
  • Suitable for all types of endoscopes and sizes
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